Patrícia is a Master of Design Candidate in Ergonomics, Usability and Human-Computer Interaction from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Communications with concentration in Journalism from Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo (2011), and a Graduate Specialization in Webdesign from CCE/PUC-Rio (2013). Her research topics of interest include: User-Centered Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction and Digital Design, Internet and Multimedia Design. Along with collegues of the university, Patrícia designed MESH, a system that allows users to store, share and retrieve memories related to physical places, through the use of a wearable device managed by an online digital platform. MESH - Memory Sharing was developed during the Interaction Design Workshop, as the result of a partnership between Microsoft Research and the Department of Arts & Design at PUC-Rio. In July 29, the project was presented for Design Expo 2015, at Building 92 on Microsoft campus. It won the award of Most Memorable Project.